In KNURE held seminars in which a subsidiary of the German company “Festo”


Department of DOED together with subsidiary of the German company “Festo” 4-5 December 2014 conducted workshops on techniques for industrial automation.
The seminar consisted of two parts. The first part – “Electro-mechanical and multi-axis manipulators.” The second – “Pneumatic and electro basics.”
The report was made by the Deputy Director of Sales DP “Fest” Berezhko Konstantin, who spoke about:

  • Osobennostbpodgotovki air and its wiring;
  • Construction of control cabinets;
  • Valve terminals;
  • Industrial controllers from the “Festo”;
  • Pressure sensors and flow, inductive sensors;
  • Electromechanical systems, controllers, motors.

Vadim Dyachenko Head of Kharkov regional department “Festo” told about successful projects in the field of automation that are performed on the territory of the Kharkiv region. Also considering the use of an electromechanical drive and multi-axis manipulators in industrial automation projects.
The purpose of the seminar was also to establish contacts with companies that use automation in various industries. At the seminar were representatives not only of Kharkov and region, but also representatives of enterprises with Poltava and Dnipropetrovsk regions.
Following these seminars Department DOED from DP “Festo” received equipment that will expand the laboratory practical work on industrial logic controllers Laboratory EduNet, which was created in 2010 on the initiative of the German company Phoenix Contact.

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