In CoLiTec KNURE year results weighty


From 24 to 26 November 2014 in Paris (France) was a Gaia-FUN-SSO 3 2014 International Workshop on the basis of the Paris Observatory. Sergii Khlamov, graduate student of the PDE Department, took a part of this conference.

With help of Vadym Savanevych, research adviser, professor of the PDE Department, Sergii prepared an excellent presentation with the following topic: «Precision of astrometry measurements made using CoLiTec software for asteroids survey». This communication was aroused a great interest.

From June 30 to July 4, 2014 in Helsinki (Finland) was the 12th International Conference ACM’2014 (Asteroids, Comets, Meteors). The scale of the conference was really impressive. At the ACM’2014 were about 500 scientists from 44 countries. Sokovikova Natalia, the member of CoLiTec Team, presented a poster with the following topic «Automated software for CCD-image processing and detection of small Solar System bodies».

From 03 to 07 in November, 2014 in Humenne (Slovakia) was an international conference «KOLOS 2014». Vadim Savanevych, Alexander Bryukhovetskiy and Natalia Sokovikova made presentations with the following topic: «CoLiTec -multifunction software for the CCD image processing» and «Precision of astrometry measurements for asteroids survey made using».Сommunications attracted great interest of colleagues from Poland and Slovakia and were been recognized as one of the best! The lead developer Bryukhovetskiy Alexander, was invited to Vihorlat Observatory for demonstration CoLiTec software.

As previously reported Vadym Savanevych and his graduate students and applicants of the PDE department of Kharkov National University of Radio Electronics developed the software for Software for automated asteroids and comets discoveries – CoLiTec. At this moment 4 comet and more than 1550 asteroids were discovered by using CoLiTec software. Among them, five near-Earth, 21 Trojan asteroids of Jupiter and one Centaur. 4 more asteroids were devoted to individual electronic circulars MPC.

We congratulate CoLiTec research team with an excellent performance and wish more scientific achievements and new successes.

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