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On October 9 in the Conference-Hall of our University “the joint round desktop” of the Student’s Senate of the University, Student’s Senate of the Training Faculty for Foreign Citizens (TFFC), representatives of administration and faculties of university took place. Action was devoted to education of patriotism, tolerance in the student’s environment.

The idea of this action was offered by the assistant of the rector on educational operation Sakalo E.S. also it was actively supported by the dean of TFFC Prof. Omarov M. A.

The acting rector of KhNURE, Professor Mashtalir Vladimir Petrovich took part in the work of the round desktop and in his short speech emphasized importance of such joint meetings of the Ukrainian and foreign students. 

In Prof.Omarov M. A. speech were stated the purposes and tasks of “the round desktop”: “… education of patriotism, on the one hand, and tolerance and respect for everything “not own”, on the other hand, – these processes are worldwide and also tightly connected! Each of us can appear as a guest in other country where people talk in foreign language where laws, traditions and holidays aren’t similar to what we got used. In this situation we will be glad if those who live nearby and study with us would help to overcome difficulties which we met.

Any university doesn’t think of its history without students from other countries. For years of study they join a student’s brotherhood so strongly, that the university, the city, and the country become their second house, their second homeland! I know hundreds of examples when foreign graduates dream to return to the place where their youth passed where live their Ukrainian classmates friends. And the Ukrainian friends wait for them too. When do such feelings arise? When there is a mutual respect and mutual desire to understand each other. Here it is so possible to formulate the purpose of our today’s meeting. For us it is important to discuss a question: what it is necessary to make that instead of telling the foreign student and the Ukrainian student we could tell generally for all – the student of the University!”.

Within the active discussion activists of the Senate of university and Senate of TFFC from Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Nigeria, Uzbekistan, Angola, Kazakhstan, Turkey had an opportunity to share the sentences, ideas and plans. Students discussed as through tolerance, the active involvement in different actions at university, use of opportunities of social networks, and also acquaintances to culture of each other foreign students and Ukrainian students can rally, be on friendly terms and to work on joint projects even more.

The round desktop passed in a warm and friendly atmosphere.

All stated sentences will be reflected in the draft decision and fixed by the university order, the foundation of complex and system operation on international education of students thereby will be laid.


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