Feel Ukraine Excursion inside NURE in Kharkiv


I’m Happy to be part of feel Ukraine project in Kharkiv, to feel the Oldest city in Ukraine which was the capital of the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic USSR from 1917 to 1934. It is also interesting to enter the Kharkov National University of Radio and Electronics KNURE, a Higher Education institution and one of the oldest universities in Ukraine.

KNURE has the capacity of 12000 students and 30 scientifics centers and Consists of 9 Faculties and 30 departments, it has a worldwide reputation by partnering with International Universities. In 18 august 2016 NURE signed new partnership agreements with leading universities of Morocco.

This university is specialized in Computer Science, Computer Engineering and Control, Applied Mathematics and Management, Radio Engineering, Telecommunications and Instrumentation, Electronic Devices, Electronic Engineering.

I had the opportunity to visit the Department of Electronics and Telecommunication Department, there was a high level of students and quality of education that is geared toward convenience and the concept of Team work within the workshop where students can receive practical skills in development of complex hardware, built using Lego Mindstorms NXT robotics blocks, TI ZigBee modules and microcontroller family. To translate theories into practice, we saw some simulation models and some robots with remote control.

Students obtain skills of deep understanding of network technologies and communications practical experience in networks deployment and configuring on the basis of Cisco and D-Link switching and routing devices, practical experience in deployment of IP- telephony.

A good relationship between student and teacher in the University has led a good state of mutual communication, and pushes the student to be more motivated and creative.

KNURE is a pioneer in the development of distance education in Ukraine. It has recognized expertise in the introduction of innovative technologies in education and business. In behalf of our international students team I want to thanks Professor Natasha Moskalenko, Professor Yuliia Kobytska and Especially For AIESEC Kharkiv for giving us this opportunity to make discoveries and tours in this University and other magical places in Kharkiv.

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