Dutch experience will help attract talented youth to business development and investment


Prof.Dr. of KhNURE Oleksandr Kuzomin the university project coordinator Tempus 544521Tempus-1-2013-1-De-Tempus-Shmes took part in training which took place in the city of Amsterdam of Netherlands since March 20-22, 2017. The subject was a main objective of a seminar: “Creation and development of the Ecosystem for start and increase in business for graduates of universities”.The target audience of this action consisted of representatives:  
 Ministries of Economics of the Netherlands; 
Ministries of Education and Science of Ukraine; 
Ministries of affairs of employment / business of Georgia;
Municipal government representatives responsible for business (and employment) countries of participants;
The university representatives responsible for an incubator of business and a transfer of technologies from Holland;
Representatives of chambers of commerce of the countries of participants;
Graduates businessmen who had benefit from participation in the project.

The exchange of knowledge, experience and understanding of that it is necessary to do to stimulate formation of an ecosystem for business which promotes the economic growth of the countries, innovations and expansion of workplaces how to attract talented youth to development of business and receiving investment was a main goal of a meeting.
The leading representatives of higher education institutions of the countries of participants of the project took part in this training, reports were heard, videos are seen, mini trainings, for development of business in the different countries where during training invaluable experience was got are provided.

Headliners of training’s was famous economists, the business coach of the Netherlands such as M.Tuguntke, as W.Baumfalk, A. Timmermans, I Wakkeeand and others. 


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