Distance education schoolchildren


May 26 held presentation of certificates to schoolchildren of the Public institution “Novovodolazhskogo sanatorium educational – educational complex” Kharkiv Regional Council (http://nv-internat.org.ua/). This is the 4th year of successful implementation of the project “Distance learning schoolchildren ” who spends KNURE with financial and organizational support of the international company AHMAD TEA LONDON (http://www.ahmadtea.ua/charity.html).

Students 10 and 11 classes remotely trained in the subjects “Practical Informatics” (Department of SE – http://nure.ua/university/structure/departments/kn/software/) and «English with Fun» (department of foreign languages – http : //nure.ua/university/structure/departments/rt/iniaz/). At the presentation of certificates was attended by Manager of charity Kochetkova Galina , director of the Center of distance learning technologies KNURE Kauk Viktor, teacher dep. SE Yuri Novikov.

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