In the period from 20 to 23 June 2016 there were a coordination meeting within the project TEMPUS «TATU» (Training on automated technologies for Ukraine) in NURE.The purpose of the meeting was the adoption of a decision on the request of the continuation of the project in June, 2017 in connection with the delay of receiving of the equipment for one year.

It was also stated the structure of training modules for industrial automation, and new modules were prepared.
The following topics will be included to the structure of the modules: programming controllers: PC Worx, CoDeSys; industrial networks Industrial Ethernet by Profinet and Industrial Ethernet by Modbus TCP; Proxy to PROFIBUS; Wireless data transmission technology, a real-time system, as well as OPC DA standard.

The equipment for the project has been obtained in 2015, and now it is widely used in the educational process: a programmable logic controller, operator panel and more, the audience for this equipment is also preparing.
The project partners are the following European universities:

  • Reinhard Langmann – Professor of Dusseldorf University of Applied Sciences (Germany);
  • Peña Leandro Rojas – the Officer of Dusseldorf University of Applied Sciences (Germany);
  • David Perry – Associate Professor of Universitat Politècnica de València (Spain)
  • Margaret Gferer – TATU external evaluator (Austria)
  • Jürgen Wilke – Professor of Fraunhofer IAO (Germany);
  • Christian Modric – Professor of Carinthia University of Applied Sciences (Austria)
  • Sophie Krol – International Coordinator of University of Antwerp (Belgium).

Upon completion of the project there will be five training centers in Ukraine, one of which will be based on the NURE department.

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