Congratulations of our student with the release of music album!


Durodola Wilson popularly known as Jasi Caesar is a Nigerian Artiste presently doing is Masters program in Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics in economics degree (group ECmi-13-1).

He has performed in over 20 cities in Ukraine and outside Ukraine with his Blended style of Hip-Hop (with some African Flavors) wining many awards, increasing his fan base, putting smiles on people’s faces. Recently he released his New Album Titled ONTO THE NEXT ONE e.p. which has been distributed World Wide on ITunes, Amazon, Google Play, Sony Unlimited, Xbox, Emusic to mention few. Hosted by DIAMOND EMPIRE MADE MUSIC (a group of intelligent professionals based in the United State of America). He has promised to be Amazing, consistent, flexible, nice and friendly.

You can download and listen to his Album through these links on ITunes and on Amazon.

We contacted wits Jasi and asked him to answer a few queations for our  web-site:

Jasi, what inspires you to write songs and when did you write your first song?

My inspirations comes from God basically, true life stories, struggles, politics, what is happening on the streets, and other spheres of life.
I wrote my very first song 2006 back in Africa

How difficult was to release your first album?

It’s was very difficult because I’m a student, and at the same time an artiste, I had to attend classes and go to the studio and I was traveling around for shows and recording sessions too. 
Finance is another part that made things difficult for me again because I’m sponsoring myself for everything. 
I have a very big dream but since I could not get help from anybody, I had to limit my actions to available resources.

Did KhNURE scene help you in your musical creativity?

Yes Khnure helped me in the sense that I met with many good and tallented people that were ready to work with me and helped me for example my Beat maker.. A big shout out to Aleksandr Yakovlev (aka Velbeatz), NURE student on the beat. He really contributed to the bringing out of my Album. ONTO THE NEXT ONE

What are your plans for the future?

I’m planning to make good, beautiful, outstanding, great.. songs or album with some big Ukrainian and Russian artistes, ready to work with any tallented person and exploit the world together with a unique style, show the people the New World of freedom and let them understand.

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