Another victory for software CoLiTec


May 21 was discovered near-Earth asteroid 2014 KH2 (MPEC 2014 -K23: 2014 KH2). Its size is 400-1000 meters , and eventually it may be recognized as a potentially dangerous threat to the Earth. Leonid Elenin discovered the asteroid , employe in the Institute of Applied Mathematics im. Keldysh RAS,  at the remote observatory Tories ISON-MN ( New Mexico, USA)

The discovery was made using the program automatically in claim asteroids series CCD frames – CoLiTec. The program is developed by a group of graduate students and applicants of the ECM (Bryukhovetskiy A., Dikov E., Bezkrovniy M., Sokovikova N., Khlamov S., Movsesian I.) department headed by Professor Vadim Savanevich .

Total using CoLiTec comet was discovered 4 of 7 , of open in the CIS and Baltic states over the last 20 years. Just using the program CoLiTec opened more than 1,500 asteroids. Among them, five near-Earth objects of 17 opened in the history of Soviet and post-Soviet Astronomy , 21 Trojan asteroids of Jupiter and one of the two centaur open in the CIS and Baltic countries. 3 more asteroids were devoted to individual electronic circulars MRS . For 2011 and 2012 in the CIS and Baltic CoLiTec done using 80 % of cases and 75% of pre- discovery of asteroids.

KNURE congratulates research group CoLiTec opening and wants more new achievements.


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