The department of computer technology design automation (APVT) implemented by TEMPUS project aimed at creating a new master specialization called “Designing microsystems.”

New equipment was delivered to NURE as part of this project, from which it will form a new laboratory called “Testing microsystems.” Among the equipment received:

- a modern 3D printer that can print the specified model of biodegradable plastics;

- a way-form generator for building a frequency diagram;

- electronic multimeters, as well as the station for the design of 3D models.

In the near future, the university will also receive a set of circuit boards and sensors, as well as licensed software.

Earlier on the same project the university has received modern computers, and we can create a platform for training of masters groups.

Project Coordinator is the Łódź Polytechnic University (Poland) and Lviv Polytechnic became the local coordinator.

On the same project this week NURE was visited by a delegation from both Polytechnics – Łódź and Lviv. Also, they and acting rector of NURE E. Rubin discussed the prospects of further cooperation on the project and beyond.

“Now in Ukraine there are many programmers who write codes, though, we set ourselves the task of preparing such specialists, who will not only be good performers, but also initiate tasks and projects,” – said Professor Michael Lobur.

Eduard Rubin, in turn, added that it is very important to support the development of those areas, which train specialists in the hardware of the electronic systems, because they are driven by the IT industry forward. He also expressed hope that the new laboratory will be the site of new projects and ideas, which then grow into successful startups.

The department APVT noted that the work was very productive for the project “We are grateful for the wonderful coordinators of the project management, training students and teachers and a great job of providing the latest equipment of our laboratories”, – said Head of the Department APVT Professor Svetlana Chumachenko.

The laboratory will be equipped soon, and already in this school year, students will develop new devices.

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